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About Us

The Collar Club, LLC is located at Foxwood Farm, where the care and comfort of animals has been the number one priority for the owners Christine and Darren Vedros for 22 years. Our goal is to send dogs home that are not stressed from "dog boarding", or a "kennel" atmosphere. It is really stressful for dogs to not be in their home environment with their people. 

We set up a living room area with a couch, area rug and TV or music, so that each Club Member can come to the living area individually or by the family and visit to feel like they are truly in a home environment. Club Members will only be allowed on furniture if owners allow it at home. We will always try to ensure that we follow the same rules with us that they have at home. The Collar Club hopes to change your dog boarding and kennel expectations to exceptional standards.

The Collar Club has many new and exciting additions coming in the future. Be sure to watch us on our website and on Facebook


"My four babies (2 small indoor dogs and 2 large outdoor dogs) were treated like family. They actually enjoyed their time at The Collar Club and didn't miss me at all."


Karla Pope, Dutch, Olivia, Scarlett, and Mabel's owner 

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